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early years

I am a child of the 70s. I grew up in the London overspill town of Amazingstoke, or, as it’s more commonly known, Basingstoke.

As with all overspill towns, Basingstoke was rapidly developed, with council estates spilling into what was once green fields. My parents moved into their brand new council house, along with hundreds of other families. We were all in the same brand new boat, sailing along together. Until Thatcher arrived on the scene.

My parents divorced when I was five. While our neighbours took advantage of their new ‘right to buy’, we, as a single-parent family, could only watch as our neighbourhood started to change. One side got double-glazing, while the other side built extensions on the back and front of their house. Suddenly, we weren’t all in the same boat. Some were in speedboats, while others were desperately rowing.

Politics creeps up on you. One minute you’re oblivious to it, the next it comes to define you. While our neighbours turned blue, we became more

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